The True Facts about the EPA's Refrigerant HCFC-22 | R-22 Refrigerant Phase-Out

The True Facts about Refrigerant Phase-Out:

    • As of 1/1/2020 manufacturing and/or importing R-22 will be completely phased out
    • Reclaimed R-22 Refrigerant is readily available.
    • Reclaimed R-22 Refrigerant is an extremely cost-effective way to maintain your equipment
    • EPA certified refrigerant reclaimers have been and are continuing to purchase (collect) recovered R-22 refrigerant and reprocessing it per federal EPA standards

 Difference between newly manufactured R-22 Refrigerant & Reclaimed  R-22 Refrigerant




  • Reclaimed Refrigerants are chemically NO different than newly manufactured refrigerants. Both newly manufactured R-22 and Reclaimed R-22 must be tested to meet AHRI-700 standards prior to being sold to licensed technicians.

Alternative Refrigerants (must be tested to AHRI 700) 

  • There is little cost saving in buying an alternative refrigerant once you factor in the additional cost to use an alternative refrigerant (R-407C)
  • Alternative refrigerants typically produce higher pressures and have less cooling capacity than R-22 Refrigerant.
  • R-407C Refrigerant requires compressor oil to be changed


Business owners and Homeowners need to know all the facts when being told they MUST upgrade a Air Conditioner or refrigeration system.  Due to the availability of Reclaimed Refrigerants specify HCFC-22 | R-22 refrigerant, repairing your current system with HCFC-22 | R-22 is a simple decision. Use the Refrigerant that the unit was manufactured for.